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12 Moon Sign

Do you know your Moon sign ?

What is Moon sign ?

Moon sign is determined by the position of the Moon in a Zodiac sign during the time of birth of a baby. Zodiac field is the entire celestial space of heaven or sky, a huge circle consisting of 360°. Astronomers endeavored to divide its area into 12 equal parts, where each part holds 30° along with a unique name. These parts i.e. 1/12th part of the entire Zodiac field of 360° i.e. 30° is called a Zodiac sign. Nomenclatures of the Zodiac signs were made following the domination of the different planets throughout the entire space of the Zodiac belt. The features of Moon signs are better nurtured in Vedic astrology than the rests. The Moon moves approximately 12°-14° in 24 hours, i.e. takes 2.25 days to travel 30° of a Zodiac sign; thus require approximately 27 days to rotate 360° of the entire Zodiac path. The Moon requires 27 days to travel through the entire space of the Zodiac field of 360°, thus considered as the fastest moving natural satellite of earth or planet amongst the rests.

Zodiac sign = Rising sign + Sun sign + Moon sign + Planets sign

Moon sign represents our thought or mind, whereas Sun sign signifies our action and ascendant sign denotes our body respectively. Basic difference between western astrology and Indian astrology is that the western astrology is based on Sun signs, whereas Indian astrology or Vedic astrology is based on Moon signs. As the Moon is the main criterion to nomenclate the Moon signs, however we can proceed accordingly, i.e. while the Moon is in Aries at the time of one’s birth, the baby will be attributed with the Moon sign Aries or in Sanskrit it calls Mesha rashi, along with its relevant nature and features in its body as well as in mind. Thus, we can nomenclate the rest of the Moon signs as Taurus (Vrisha rashi), Gemini (Mithuna rashi), Cancer (Karkata rashi), Leo (Simha rashi), Virgo (Kanya rashi), Libra (Tula rashi), Scorpio (Vrischika rashi), Sagittarius (Dhanu rashi), Capricorn (Makar rashi), Aquarius (Kumbha rashi) & Pisces (Meena rashi) respectively. Analysis of nature and features of the different Moon signs, in accordance with Indian astrology are given below. Analysis of free Moon sign astrology of this webpage follows the logic of Hindu Vedic astrology.

In order to determine the positions and groupings of planets accurately , Astrologers use a fixed background or plane of reference called the Zodiac. The Zodiacal Circle is in the same plane as the Ecliptic which is the approximate path of the Earth and Planets in their motion around the Sun. The Zodiac, therefore, is merely the Ecliptic extended limitlessly into space.

These twelve equal sections or divisions of the Zodiac are called the Signs of the Zodiac and are named and numbered as follows:

(l ) Aries (2) Taurus (3) Gemini (4) Cancer

(5) Leo (6) Virgo (7) Libra (8) Scorpio

(9) Sagittarius (10) Capricorn (11) Aquarius (12) Pisces 

Vedic Terminology :

1. Mesha 2. Vrishabha 3. Mithuna 4. Karka

5. Sinha 6. Kanya 7. Tula 8. Vrischika

9. Dhanu 10. Makara 11. Kumbha 12. Meen



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