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15/01/2011 16:35

Saturn Will be Your Friend

Saturn will be your friend or enemy ? Saturn will transit through Virgo throughout the year 2010. It is presently in retrograde motion and it will be direct on 30th May,2010. It is now apparently moving backwards in Virgo and on 30th May it will come to 3Degrees 50 minutes. From then it will move...
15/01/2011 16:32

Saturn’s Sadhe Sati

Saturn is the slowest planet in the solar system that is relevant to Vedic/Indian Astrology. It takes 29.5 years to complete one revolution around the Sun. Considering 12 rashis, it would be in one rashi for 29.5/12 ~ 2.5 years. In Gochara, Saturn's transits are given a lot of importance because it...

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