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I have already written broad details on many occasions about the nature of profession/ business to be determined with reference to birth chart and the houses to be considered for determining the nature of business. Normally it has been seen that all the consulters would like to know what business/ profession would be suitable for him. Apart from other factors, 10th house and 10th Lord is the most important. Now a reference shall be made to more minute details.


Nakshtra in which the person is born is equally important for the nature of business/profession. As per certain classics, each Nakshtra has a different story to tell about the native with regard to his education and profession. As is known, there are 27 Nakshtras apart from Abhijit and for the limited time allotted, I will broadly deal with important factors.


1)      Taking Aswini, Magha and Mula ruled by Ketu gives different professions when with Mars, Sun and Jupiter. This combination speaks of high position of females including joining of Administrative Service. Literary pursuits, artists, writers, doctors are produced by this combination.


2)      Bharani, Purva-Phalguni and Purvaashard ruled by Venus gives different results when associated with Mars, Sun and Jupiter. This combination in general becomes responsible for tobacco business, surgeons, independent business, doctors. Females under this combination have been seen to be Lecturers, bankers and teachers. Religious preachers also are produced by this combination.


3)      Kritikia, uttaraphalguini and Uttarashada ruled by the Sun gives different results when in association with Venus, Mercury and Saturn. Engineers, doctor, financiers, advertisement business and service in Universities and educational institutions/research institutions come under this combination. Ladies generally get to small scale industry hospitals, model/ actresses and also in banks and financial institutions.


4)      Rohini, Hasta and Saravana ruled by Moon gives different results when associated with Venus, Mercurry, and Saturn. Rohini born are normally ‘jack of all and master none'. Generally, chemical engineers, mechanical persons, industry and petroleum products come under this combination Ladies get to service in hotels, agriculture, dance and fine arts.


5)      Mrigsara, Chitra and Dhanishta ruled by Mars when associated with Venus, Mercury and Saturn gives, different result. Under this combination, company director, financial advisers, engineers/textile technologists and scientists and historians come. For ladies, fine arts/social service, nurses, actresses, lecturers are the normal fields.


6)      Ardra, Savati and Satbhisa are ruled by Rahu. It is not necessary that Rahu always gives bad results. Depending on its placement (some say it is exalted in Taurus and others say it is exalted in Gemini). Without entering into this discussion, it would suffice to say that when associated with Mercury, Venus and Saturn, it gives the profession of research work, shipping, transport, goldsmith, drug sellers (chemists) and in some cases lady doctors are indicated.


7)      Puarvasu, Visakha and Purvabhadrapad ruled by Jupiter when associated with Mercurry, Moon, Mars and Saturn give different occupations. Teacher, writers, physicians, writers, physicians, actors, politicians, bankers, religious professional, well versed in dine arts/oratory come under this combination, for ladies, poetess, famous writers, artists, statistician and research works are indicated.


8)      Phshya, Anuradha and Uttabhadrapad ruled by Saturn gives different professional when associated with Moon, Mars, and Jupiter. Generally, theatres, arts, commerce, chemicals/drugs, books on history or prolonged articles come under this combination. For ladies, income from landed property, secretive agency, music, dance, typing work and teaching are indicated.


9)      Ashlesha, Jeyshtha and Revit ruled by Mercurry are capable of giving various professions when associated with Moon, Mars and Jupiter. Military/police department, oild and liquids, trading, ancient culture including astrology and astronomy come under this combination. Females are expected to be telephone operators, receptionists and in some cases having administrative jobs.


Now a word about what the classics say. According to Sarvath Chintamani, sources of income should be declared from the planets occupying th e10th house from the Lagna (Ascendant) or from the Moon (Chandra Kundli). Stronger of the planets will determine the profession or business of the native, if there is no planet in the 10th house, support is to be taken from Nabamasha chart, Dasamasa Chart apart form Deskhokone. However, according to Marteshwara (Phaladeepka), the profession of the native is decided by the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the 10th house from the Lagna, from the Moon and the Sun (severally) whoever is the strongest. Be that as it may stress has been laid on the benefic or malefic nature of the 10th Lord. Detailed significations have been given to planets and houses in Uttarakalmrita. Without analyzing in detailed significations so far 10th house is concerned: Commerce, honor from the Government, Service and Teacher. Here I may mention that is it's for the astrology to apply their mind before the ticklish question as to what would be ‘My profession' is answered. The judgment has to be left to the astrologer to pronounce results in view of horoscope before him, his experience and God-gifted institution.


it is clear form the above that the role of the planets in detraining the nature of profession and sources of income for livelihood cannot be ignored. It may not be possible for me to refer to the possible contributions by all the planets. The Sun represents the top brass in older times as well in modern times i.e. the King (now President, Prime Minister, etc. Member of political parties, Legislators, Ministers) even lawyers, Judges and government servants including high officials. The Sun in Scorpio or in Leo and at times in Aries is capable of making the native a king say Prime Minster etc. from the past, I can quote, that Akbar the Great has Sun in Scorpio, Alexander the Great had Sun in Leo, the Sun in Virgo produced persons like Mahatama Gandhi, Adolf Hitler had both Sun Mars in Aries, and The Sun in Aquarius produced a great Astrologer Bangalore Suryanarain Road.


Closely connected with Sun, I also refer to the position of the Sun in the horoscope (Taurus as Lagna), the Sun was in cancer with Venus, Saturn, Mercury and the Moon, in the horoscope of the Congress with Saggitarius Lagna, the Sun was Scorpio and Mercurry in Scorpio, the case of horoscope of Bhartiya Janta Party (with Gemini as Lagna), the Sun was in Pisces and in case of horoscope of Shiv Sena, the Sun was in Gemini with Cancer as Lagna. Though this information is connected with profession but has been included as the politics has also come to stay as profession.


Summing up, it would be apt to say that while pronouncing the judgment of profession, the Astrologer has to see the horoscope form various angles and if there are no planets in the 10th house, the results would depend on the placement of the 10th Lord aspects on the 10th house and 10th Lord and conjunctions, if any. Even Saturn in the 10th house is capable of making the native a king or a leader of masses.





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